About us

An endless moment, a limitless emotion, an eternal record. This was the description of a photograph from the 1950s, when film was scantily saved only to capture the most special of occasions. We strive to bring this past practice back to life and simultaneously comment on the intense problems of the present!

As opposed to the careful selection of motives and muses in the past, nowadays a photograph is just a screen-click away. Click, save, lose, repeat. Although tech-afficionados, we are a group of devoted fans of this forgotten time, and our mission is to gift you photos which you will cherish and treasure. We photograph everyday people with a Polaroid and make memories come to life. We capture an instant emotion and encourage you to accept it, regardless of its nature! We also have another goal in mind: to picture “just” people – ordinary, tall, angry, in love, blonde, unsuccessful, beautiful or extraordinary, it doesn’t matter. We want to prompt society to start accepting differences and think that some changes are in order.

We started this initiative in mid-Mai 2021 in Zagreb, because we wanted to explicitly talk about emotions and differences, while doing it out of love for art. Our starting goal was to capture a hundred photographs, that is 100 people – 100 personalities (100 ljudi – 100 ćudi). We find our models while roaming the streets of Croatian cities and potential models can find us on social media. We are a group of students, who can pour their free time, but only limited financial resources, into this project. We are completely non-profit, transparent and independent and we intend to keep it that way.


How to get involved

How does this project work?

We meet up in the city, I take the photo and after ten minutes the film is fully developed, I scan the photograph with an app on my phone and the polaroid photo is yours to take!

Do I have to pay?

Film is quite expensive. Each photo costs me about 2€ and I’m taking donations in that amount. You can support us here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/stoljudistocudi

Where can you find us?

I’m photographing people wherever I go. For now that’s Zagreb, Varaždin, Čakovec, Rijeka, Split and soon we’ll be visiting Osijek, Prague, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Where can I see the photos?

We post regularly on Instagram and Facebook. Also, we have a YouTube channel called Polaroids Daily. There have been 2 exhibitions so far – in Murai Center and the Antimuseum in Zagreb.