About the project

An endless moment, a limitless emotion, an eternal record. This is the description of a photograph from the 1950s, when film was scantily saved only to capture the most special of occasions. We strive to bring this past practice back to life and simultaneously comment on the intense problems of the present!

0-Sto ljudi - sto ćudi
sto ljudi sto ćudi-izložba


The Anti-Museum invites and welcomes you to its new gallery/hangout space “Na štengama”, which will play host to the exhibit of the project “Sto ljudi – sto ćudi” by Luka Habuš.

The exhibit of Polaroid-photographs “Sto ljudi – sto ćudi” by Luka Habuš took place in the Anti-Museum, in the gallery/hangout space “Na štengama”, from the 1st of June until the 30th of June 2021.

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We don’t want to be just passive observers if we can grab a camera and explore what the world has to offer! Join us in our initiative with your help and support.